Thursday, July 24, 2008

Northampton County Workers: Crooks, Perverts & Class Acts

You ever notice how we all remember the bad things that happen, but get hazy when it comes to something nice? Sleaze sells. Nice stories put us to sleep.

We all remember that Northampton County worker who was jailed after stealing at least $120,000 in bail money over a number of years. Investigations into that incident have been performed now by about a gazillion different state and federal agencies, with no end in sight. The UN is supposed to be here next week, and is already circling in those quiet black helicopters.

Lesson? County workers are all crooks.

We also have the recent arrest of a Children & Youth caseworker, on child molestation charges no less. That's ignited a firestorm, and to make matters worse, the office can't publicly comment.

Lesson? County workers are all perverts.

My favorite Northampton County bad guy has to be Vince Dominach, our erstwhile DCED Director. He ran up $1,300 in county cell phone charges while arranging wife-swapping trysts with dentists, of all people.

Lesson? County workers are crooks and perverts.

Now that I've piqued your interest, I want to tell you about Lori G. Sywensky, Norco's Community Development Grants Administrator. What you think she just did?

Lori is one of the county's many unheralded workers who just quietly does her job. For the first time in four years, Congress increased funding for homeless children by $2 million. So Lori asked Council to adopt a resolution requesting money for the county's seven homeless shelters. Amazingly, council unanimously agreed. In fact, they even commended her for her tireless efforts. Yesterday, Lori received word that the county's homeless shelters will be getting $154,338. Most of it will be for items badly needed, like windows and electrical work. Without Lori, those shelters would be getting no help at all.

This is not a big story. It's not as juicy as stealing $120,000. But it will help a lot of needy people.

Lesson? Some county workers are class acts, who are dedicated to improving other people's lives. They have an infectious quality that brings out the best in others, too.

Thanks, Lori.


darcel said...

I liked the article because it is so true about people wanting to hear about the sleazy things going on rather than hearing about the good things that people do.

caffeinegal said...

I work with Lori Sywensky and I know that she actually cares about helping people and communities. Yes, she has to deal with the reports and the tons of bureaucracy inherent in her job, but she really cares.