Thursday, August 14, 2008

A breathe of reality

I had awaken to a morning with the dew glistening on the ground and was given one more day in life. I cannot begin to tell about a road that lead between two paths in life. One situation was to change my life and move away from things or people that cause a person's destruction. I must allow my brain to think and that was the hard part.

Now I am going to graduate from grad school and I must ask myself, "Can I do this?" Yes, I can. I realized I was no longer the joke for some. The second situation was not to let any job keep me captive from starting a new life. Sometimes, this is tricky because you feel planted in one spot - asking yourself, "Will things change with the job situation?" Before you know it, 20 years have past and the only change that comes is retirement. I believe that people are afraid of change because it takes away their crutches in life. I must say that no one should have to work in a dysfunctional setting where the only means of getting anywhere is taking days off to keep yourself away from your job or a person should not act like a mannequin (meaning you have no feelings - you are in a coma until your eight hour shift is up). A person stops living when sitting in a dysfunctional environment because they believe that their voices are not being heard.

No one understands that times have changed where you look around in the world to see that some people are trying new schemes to get over on everyone. I always wanted to ask the followers of these people, "Are you able to think on your own or do you need that type of value to keep your life in the limelight?" Some people will do anything to stay because it has become a blanket of comfort.

Our society is not getting any better when you cannot go to work and feel safe and secure on the job nor can a person sit outside without feeling that they will get mugged or shot in a drive-by.

We have one life on this earth and I believe I need to follow a new path in my life. I know it will not be easy because I have learned that a person cannot be forced to sit in a coma where life goes on around them. The whole point of being on this earth is to breath and live a full life. I have learned that there will always be someone that will hate you because you have bothered to go after your dreams. Does it matter what these people think? NO!!!!!!!!! These people will find a new victim or sucker to call names, destroy their well-being or use these poor souls until they awaken from their comas and start looking for changes to be made.

People have forgotten communication is the key to making solutions for the problems on or off the job. I realized that this is the reason why so many people have become satisfied with their jobs and with their lives because no one is listening.

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Bernie O'Hare said...

This is a beautiful and poetic essay, Darcel.