Monday, August 4, 2008

Over fifty residents from Williams Township met Thursday, July 31st with Representative Bob Freeman, D-Northampton and Lisa Walters, Chief of Staff for state Senator Rob Wonderling, R-Northampton to discuss longstanding lack of compliance and DEP enforcement of PA regulations, at the 108-acre Chrin Landfill.

The Committee to Save Williams Township, which organized the meeting, presented data related to problems with odors, daily and final landfill cover, truck inspections, radiation and air quality. The data was taken directly from DEP and Host (Township) inspection reports.

In 2008, there have been over 45 odor complaints, with seven resulting in DEP violations. Chrin currently uses a tarp to cover the working face of the landfill, which is considered an “alternate” cover. Residents maintain that the tarp is ineffective at preventing odors, especially in a landfill that received nearly 30,000 tons of sewage sludge in 2007 alone. They pointed to an August 2007 DEP inspection report, which noted this, stating, “Chrin should use cover materials that adequately control odors.”

Also contributing to odors is the landfill’s failure to comply with PA code that requires a non-permeable cover within a year after a specific area has filled to capacity, residents stated. Some portions of the landfill, which met capacity as far back as 1987, are just now receiving a final cover. This final cover would also assist in capturing landfill gases (LFG). According to DEP reports, Chrin is currently not meeting the 70% capture and destruction of LFG, which is required by its federally regulated air permit.

Both Representative Freeman and Senator Wonderling’s representative have agreed to request answers and accountability from DEP officials. The residents plan to follow up on this plan aggressively as it affects the health, welfare and quality of life for people within and outside of Williams Township.

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